To provide the best for your employees, you need an excellent payroll system. The problem is, payroll is one of the areas that businesses neglect, to the detriment of employees and the business itself.

Outsourcing your payroll might be something to consider if your business is growing rapidly. You want to be sure nothing falls through the cracks as you grow. A professional payroll service provider will intend to meet your needs of accurate payroll, employee benefits, taxes, and much more.

It’s easy to outsource a single project like a web design. But when it comes to ongoing responsibilities like Payroll, businesses are less likely to outsource. The trust issue comes up. With payroll comes sensitive data. The financial well being of the company depends on a trustworthy, dependable payroll solution.


Cost: Many people make the mistake of comparing the salary of a payroll administrator to the cost of outsourcing the service and neglect all other costs (direct and indirect). Direct costs include: office space (rental), equipment (computer, printer, furniture), bank charges, software license fees, consulting fees and training, stationery, recruitment fees, continuity when staff is on leave or sick.

Control: The procedures and deliverables are determined by the client, and you have the ability to terminate the contract if you are not satisfied with the service delivery, without any risks.


Now you can focus on your Core Business and have peace of mind on the following:

  • Confidentiality
  • Affordable
  • Stress-Free Tax Year Ends
  • Legally Compliant
  • Produce Statutory Information
  • Delivering of payslips
  • Customized reports to suit your needs
  • Leave Administration
  • Backup of systems
  • Cost savings i.t.o. licenses, staff and training


Employee Payment Responsibilities

Allow our payroll services division to assist your company. We offer a professional service that will mean your employee payment responsibilities from salaries to medical aid, to UIF and even administering leave allocations, will be prepared professionally and promptly.

We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly Payroll Services

Payroll is an important aspect within your business and it can take time and effort to ensure that your employees’ details are kept up to date and are recorded and stored correctly. By outsourcing to our administration service we can ensure that monthly salaries or wages are calculated according to your pay structures and pay slips are ready to be handed out at the end of each month. You then have the option of paying your staff in cash or paying the correct amount electronically into each account. We can do that monthly, weekly or fortnightly. We can also assist with advice and procedures on salary restructuring according to the correct rules and regulations.

Your Payroll always comes out on time

Do you struggle to keep up with all the deductions and other personal information unique to each employee? We can take that off your shoulders and allow you to focus on other profit making areas of your business. Everything we do is kept on record and can be accessed and saved for future reference. With us, your SARS returns will always be on time. We prepare and complete PAYE/SDL/UIF along with EMP201 and EMP501 submissions. We also assist with registrations of new employees. Let our professionals who work with SARS on a daily basis do all the work for you. Our team is always on call for you. You do not have to worry about your payroll person going on leave, falling ill or leaving without notice. In our hands, your payroll always comes out on time. Save Cost and Time No more training costs and time lost on the training of a new payroll office to administer your business. We can also offer other services such as the preparation of your IRP5’s and IT3’s. Of course other monthly concerns that need to be constantly handled and submitted are Skills Levies, Pensions, Medical Aids and Provident Funds. Leave it all up to us.


The benefits to you are enormous. We even prepare, print out or forward to you the salary and wage slips for you to hand out. At any time you can request an update from us with all the current records year-to-date of sick leave and other types of leave accounted for by each employee. Even though we are doing the work, everything is customized to your business. With all the extra time you save without payroll worries, you may find you have to take on more staff to cope with the growth of your business.


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